Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs!!

Coloring Easter eggs for the first time!Slowly and gently take an egg...

and drop it into the cup!

Oooooo....look at the all the colors!

TADA!! I colored eggs!

Our finished eggs! They are perfect!

We heart cousins!

These two kiddos crack the family up!
They have so much fun when they are together!
And both just love to play around and say cheese for the camera!
Owen like to give Ry lots of headlocks...aka hugs!
Say cheese you monkeys!!

Another headlock...but can Ry breathe?!

Just what they need...more sugar!!

It's Pool Time!!

It was a super hot day in April so we decided to break out the blow up pool! Owen was ready to help fill the pool and jump on in! The water was quite cold but it was so warm...he didn't care!

Almost full!

Getting splashed by Dadda

Our New Garden

Last year we planted veggies in the backyard. And it was great! Zucchini, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, a variety of herbs and MORE tomatoes! We had so many tomatoes, we couldn't give them away fast enough!
This year, we decided to plant flowers only. It saves on the time Greg (oops, I mean we) has to work at it. So we think! We'll see!
We went to a local nursery in was our first time there and it was GIGANTIC! Needless to say, Owen had a blast wandering around, smelling the flowers and checking out the plants! He helped pick out what we planted and we went home and got to work! He especially loved all of the water fountains. Here are a few pics!