Sunday, August 23, 2009

4th of July 2009

This 4th of July was quite eventful! We started off by decorating Owen's tricycle for 2 neighborhood parades! Our neighborhood had it's annual parade at 10am, starting right in front of the school by us!

Waiting to go outside and join the neighbors...all decked out in red, white and blue!

Owen's making his way quickly along the parade route-which is just around the school.
We met Evelyn and her parents that day. Owen quickly made a new friend.
And when he got tired, he joined Evelyn and another neighbor's puppy in her wagon.

It's water balloon time!

All the kids lined up to play water balloon toss!
Neighbors all around!

Owen and Greg continue to watch our neighborhood festivities.
There was watermelon and licorice for all!

Next stop was to the Mockridge's neighborhood block party. We have gone there
every year for the past few years! It's even more fun now that Owen is older.
Each year, they start their party off with breakfast and at 1pm, the neighborhood kids all line up to show off their decorated bikes.
This parade started during Owen's nap time...but he held out pretty well!

Go Owen!

Along the parade route with Jackson and Campbell.

Almost to the end !
After the parade, Greg bought special treats from the ice cream truck.

And then it was time to cool off in the pool!

Greg and I celebrating our ninth 4th of July together!

Auntie Wendy and Johnny came out to spend time with us at the block party.

Game time! Owen was all about this one! Try to eat a donut, hanging from the stick, with NO hands! He was hilarious to watch. At one point, he gave up and just grabbed the donut off of the string and started eating. YUM!
Cam and Owen dancing on the porch. Too cute!

We watched fireworks in Los Alamitos at a park. Owen looks so tired!
He was! It was almost 9 o'clock!
Owen and Johnny waiting for the fireworks to start!

As soon as the fireworks ended we started walking back. Owen conked out!

Good night and Happy 4th!

Through Owen's Eyes

Greg let Owen take the camera to snap some pictures on his own.
He LOVES to take pictures and doesn't do a bad job!
Here are just a few of the 40 or so pictures he took! It's
so funny to see the world through his eyes.
We could have a future Ansel Adams on our hands!

"Truck in dirt"
"Rocks, grass and toes"

Now this is some real photography! And he's only 2!
Do you see the eyes of the man with the huge nose created by his shadow?
And it's also a great shot of the kitty litter box!
I know...gross!

"Dad mopping"

"Cement and 2 toes"

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Pre School

Owen's first day of school at Long Beach Christian Daycare. He attends the preschool session from 8am-1215pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A couple pictures from his first day!