Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Trip to San Diego: Legoland, The Zoo and Mission Bay

We took a mini vacation the first week of June to San Diego!
We stayed at Paradise Point in Mission Bay, which could not have been any more perfect for us!
Our room looked right onto the bay and the sand was pretty much at our doorstep. Owen loved being able to play on the sand and have the gentle water to run in too!
We started our visit off with The San Diego Zoo, then we played on the bay and on our way home we stopped at Legoland. There are a lot more pictures from our trip but here are just a few from each part of our fun time in SD.

Owen and his pal, Bob the Builder

Owen and Mom driving the lego boats

Jaws ate Owen!

Owen and Dad riding the safari jeep!

The inauguration...miniaturized! It was so cool!
Argh maties! A pirate feast
The zoo!

Checking out the reptiles

The Elephant Odyssey
Too cute next to an ugly pig!

Waiting to see the polar bears

My little giraffe...our favorite!
This giraffe came SO close to us!

Koala bear just eating some leaves
Our home away from home!
Relaxing on the bay with some wine

More relaxing...this time with beer!

Playing in the warm water

Getting silly building a sandcastle

The sandcastle
The view from the restaurant we had dinner at.

The Observation Tower

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Does Owen Really Eat Broccoli???

Yum, I'm going to eat this yummy piece of broccoli.
Mom said it's a tree. And trees make me big and strong.
Johnny likes do Jackson and Campbell!

Going in isn't so badHmmm...maybe I need to tilt my head back a bit to get it all down!

Yep...see! ALL GONE!


So the answer to the question is....
Owen DOES NOT really eat broccoli.

Back Scratchin' Guitar

Owen loves to "rock out"! He loves to dance around the living room to the music on one of his favorite shows, Yo Gabba Gabba! He has this back scratcher (originally and still sometimes used to scratch Greg's back) as his guitar. He will search endlessly for the guitar if he notices there is some rock time coming on TV. He will cry if he can't find it. And there are no other alternatives at this point. Not even the real guitar will do! Here are a few pics of him dancing around the living room in his jammies before bed.

Get it Owen, GET IT!