Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back Scratchin' Guitar

Owen loves to "rock out"! He loves to dance around the living room to the music on one of his favorite shows, Yo Gabba Gabba! He has this back scratcher (originally and still sometimes used to scratch Greg's back) as his guitar. He will search endlessly for the guitar if he notices there is some rock time coming on TV. He will cry if he can't find it. And there are no other alternatives at this point. Not even the real guitar will do! Here are a few pics of him dancing around the living room in his jammies before bed.

Get it Owen, GET IT!

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Liz said...

Eva loves Yo, Gabba, Gabba! She loves Toody. She has a Toody doll that she loves to play with. Imagine what it would look like with Owen and Eva rocking out to that show!