Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy 5th us!

July 17, 2009
5 Year Anniversary
We went to Spaghettini for dinner.
More pics from our trip to Solvang/Santa Ynez Wine Tasting to come!

Summertime and the livin' is easy!

We played in the backyard a lot this past summer!
We were lucky to have a little bit of shade and a whole lotta sun!
Ry and Stef came over one day for a little bit of water fun!
Thank goodness for plastic pools for $14.99 from Ace Hardware!
Getting ready to cool off!

Come on in! The water is great!

A little sprinkler action!

I put the slide into the water and Owen absolutely LOVED it!
It was his own private Raging Waters.

Always going down belly first!

Stef and I had to join in on cooling off.
We also cooled off with some refreshing white wine! Wink wink!
Nothin' beats summer days!

Beach Party

My high school girlfriends were treated to a day of fun in the sun, courtesy of Brooke!
She hosted a beach "soiree" at Santa Monica beach for us and the kids!
She had all kinds of toys, a bubble machine, a pool, snacks, drinks and music for all!
Getting in the water!

Playing with Austin

Enjoying a popsicle!

My little beach boy!

A super fun day was had by all! Let's do it again real soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Boy Bed!

We got Owen his bed this past summer!
He loves his big boy bed so much!
He adjusted quite well into the bed...even as high off the ground it is!
He's only fallen one time!

Sound asleep!