Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playin' at Cubberley

We're lucky to live caddy corner to Cubberley Elementary school. The kindergarten playground is visible from our house and has often been our "go-to" spot with Owen without really having to venture very far. We walked over there this evening to play with Owen and tire him out before bed time. It worked...he hasn't made a peep since we put him to bed and normally it's a battle of climbing in and out of the crib!

I took some pictures of Owen going down the slide. Much to my surprise his first trip down was on his belly! Too cute! He is just a little ball of energy and went up the ladder and down the slide numerous times! He had a blast running around the open playground! I finally came to the realization Owen is a typical boy! We both have our work cut out for us as he gets older. But it's so fun to sit back and watch what his next move will be...although sometimes we have to run right after him, just in case.

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