Sunday, March 29, 2009

California Adventure

We went to California Adventure to meet with the Hanel family. Jeremy and his wife, Danielle and their kids, Taylor, Rylee and Diesel came to the "Happiest Place on Earth". Also with them were Danielle's parents and sister and her best friend, Shonna and her daughter Madison. Since we live pretty close to Anaheim, I thought it would be fun to take Owen to meet up and hang out with everyone! It was a fun day! We hope to do it again soon!
A pic with family!
Owen and Diesel
The BIG "O"!
Owen and Diesel talking. At one point, they got a little fiesty with each other. Diesel was sitting on a chair that Owen wanted to and Owen started to push Diesel off. But Diesel held his own and didn't budge. Of course, Owen didn't like that.
Owen climbing a truck.
Owen and Rylee after lunch.
Danielle and I waiting in line...margaritas in hand! Yes they serve alcohol at California Adventure!
Owen with Taylor and Rylee on the ladybug spinning ride. He loves those girls!

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Danielle said...

We are so happy that you joined us. It was so much fun. The kids really enjoyed having Owen around. He is so cute!