Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's about time...

It's been quite some time since I've blogged. Life has, well, just happened and our priorities (especially during the summer time) are not to blog. But as the weather cools, and hopefully it will, I'll be blogging a lot more! Plus Owen is sleeping and I just don't feel like doing laundry or the dishes!
Here's a quick list of Keenan Happenings in May and June!

May 2010- My 33rd birthday. I still get carded. It's cool! I begged Greg to go to Disneyland on my birthday-just the two of us-and we did! We started out at Schooner or Later with Laura and Beau and then headed off to the happiest place on earth! We were able to go on all of the adult rides and do what we wanted while we were there. Owen stayed with Gramma. We didn't last very long so we headed home and had dinner at Fio Rito's.
And of course Mother's Day. Double whammy for me! Loved every minute of it! I went to Owen's school for a Mother's Day breakfast and it was so heartwarming. He painted a cute little water can for me and the kids all performed a song and dance for their mommies. We got to eat breakfast and chit chat with the other mom's there, too!

We also get to hang with one of Owen's best buddies, Tanner! Before Owen was born, it was said that him and Tanner HAD to be friends. Greg and his family have known Tanner's family since he was born so whether they liked it or not, these two new babies, were going to be bros! And guess what!? They are! These guys LOVE each other! Both of them attend school together and although they are completely different little boys, they totally get a long! And as the summer moves forward, Tanner's brother Riley, affectionately known as "Bruds" loves to play with Owen too! They are the 3 Musketeers!

June 2010- Owen's last month of school! I decided to take him out for the summer. I felt bad sending him there when there are all sorts of fun things we can do! Playdates, the beach, Disneyland, the park. The list goes on! He was excited to be "off of school" and tells everyone that he is. Owen played mini golf for the first time at Cayden's 3rd birthday party. (Pictures below) It was a scorcher that day and we hurried along through the game just to get to shade. Needless to say, he had a blast playing with cousin Johnny and Cayden!

Another June happening is Greg's business started! Cerritos Hydro Shop! YAY! It's been a huge work in progress but the doors opened June 7, 2010. We've ultimately switched roles and he's at work a lot! But he's proud of this accomplishment and so are we!

Owen also started taking swim lessons! I had heard of Aquatic Explorations through a family member and decided to check it out. We went for our trial lesson and Owen and his teacher, Mr. Rob, seemed to hit it off well! He even jumped in on his first day. Well, that was the last time he jumped in, too! Owen doesn't like to be out of his own control. I think he gets that from his momma. While he was perfectly happy kicking using the kicking bar, things like floating on his back and sides, were just not what he wanted to do. I watched as he would always grab for Mr. Rob's neck to hold on and he would whine from time to time that he didn't want to. Mr. Rob was super patient and always had to compromise with Owen. But he still made an impact on him! Owen would show Daddy what he learned in swim class during bath time! The biggest issue Owen seemed to have towards the end (last week of August was when we stopped going) was getting his ears wet...or underwater. He claimed he couldn't hear and would pretty much freak out. So funny to watch, but I felt bad for him too. He just didn't like it. Here are a few pics from the earlier lessons when he cooperated with his teacher.

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