Monday, September 13, 2010

New friends!

Earlier in the year, I started a boot camp where I met a new friend, Carly. We were each partner's when stretching one day and of course got to talking. Turned out Carly had a 3 year old little boy, Jackson, who's just 3 weeks older than Owen. We decided to meet for a playdate one day and the rest is all history-well, the last 6 months or so! We play often and the boys are EXACTLY the same! Super competitive, very active and just plain silly! We've been to the park, Pretend City, Frogg's Bounce House, Disneyland and of course, to each other's homes to hang out! It's truly been a great time getting to know Jackson and his mom, Carly and his dad Stephen! Here are some pictures from a couple times we've had playtime together!

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